thermochromic candle on candleholder
color-changing candle
thermochromic candle from black to white wax

Heat of the Moment Candle

Regular price $20.01 CAD

Have a burning desire for playing with fire?

Light up the dark with the first ever thermochromic candle. The black candle drips white wax which later changes back to black after cooling.

Hand made in Canada
Size:  ¾" x 8" / Burning time: Approx 1 hr (drip wax)

Disclaimer: Lighting this candle may cause dangerous fumes. By purchasing this candle you agree to be liable for how you use it and the effects that may occur as a result. Light at your own risk. If you choose to light it, minimize risk by lighting outdoors or in a well ventilated space, for shorter periods of time. Contact us if you require the MSDS document for the thermochromic pigment used in this product.