Sentient soap.
    Disorderly dice.
        Burning bookmarks.

There’s something unconventional about each of these seemingly conventional products. Welcome to the weird world of Wask. Created in late 2017, Wask is the brainchild of Dorota Pankowska (aka Dori), who is known for her conceptual creative projects (like this, this, or this).

Wask products aren’t here to make life easier, they’re here to make you question the status-quo. Undeniably pretty, yet fundamentally quirky. They’ve been labelled brilliant, evil, brilliantly evil, and everything in between. Soap that starts off with a smile but gets sadder the more you wash it away. Dice where all the pips are scrambled, making them difficult to read. Bookmarks that contain matches and a striking strip so you can burn your book once you’re done reading it.

Those are just a few of the 30+ products currently available.

The entire shop is a one-woman team: Dori thinks up the products, does all the sourcing, photographing, packaging & makes the rounds to the post office!

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