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Sealed Fate Candy Packets

Sealed Fate Candy Packets

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Trick or treat? Ask and you shall deceive.

These packets feature the familiar "DO NOT EAT" messaging mimicking silica gel packets, but it's all a sweet disguise, since these are filled with candy.

If you have an appetite for destruction, these are perfect for you.

Original Size: Pack of 8 packets (~18g of candy)

New! Family Pack: Pack of 30 packets (~60g of candy)
(Save 20% in cost)

Ingredients: Glucose, Sugar, DL-malic acid, Artificial Flavors

Disclaimer: Wask is not liable for any damage that may occur as a result of mistaking real silica gel packaging for our packaging.

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Our Fav Reviews

I can't begin to tell you how often this has already gotten me out of work.

“ I did this on my mom and she grabbed my arm it went everywhere and said ARE YOU F**CKING KIDDING ME ”

“ Best product to ever exist ”

“ Yuhhh ”